Where is Everybody?

If you wish, post a little info about yourself - your interests or background in scam detection / defense / counteracting / education ... whatever. Also, let us know how you found us. (These entries are completely optional!)
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by Slim » Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:06 am

I'm a semi-retired (still teach a few classes) neuroscientist.
Arg ... you probably have more cerebral neurons firing away than do I.
I remember my neuroanatomy class waaay back in the last century. Day 1, the instructor said something like "this is a rather thick textbook, so read chapters 1-3 tonight, and I will start on chapter 4 now".

That was a LONG time ago ... when there were probably only 11 pairs of cranial nerves :headbang:
But, I still remember, "On Old Olympus Towering Top, A Finn And German Viewed Some Hops".
(To you non neuro folks, that is a mnemonic for the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. What is now called the "Vestibulocochlear" nerve, we called the "Auditory" nerve ... the second "A" above. Geeky enough for ya?) :geek:

And, congratulations on being brave enough to seed this thread with some personal info!
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by Herman » Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:21 am

I'm here! In your nation's capital. Sorry, nothing to do with politics but everything to do with I.T. I own my own tech consulting firm and we contract for the federal government as well as medium and small-sized businesses and even residential clients. I am a former employee of the Dept of Defense and Navy veteran. Been dealing with this newfangled computer craze for 22 years now! :headbang:
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by yef » Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:29 am

I'm a long-time High School math teacher, from Algebra 1 through AP Calculus BC. Prior to that I worked in the Aerospace Engineering field and did flight planning for the Shuttle, so I was involved with the DoD too. Like many, I found 800notes several years ago when searching for info on numbers that called me. I am fairly obsessed with all things Irish (and Scottish too) due to my heritage, and have taught Irish dancing as well. Image <----- No, that isn't actually me, cuz I'm a girl Image
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by yef » Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:10 pm

Alfalfa wrote:
I am fairly obsessed with all things Irish (and Scottish too) due to my heritage, and have taught Irish dancing as well. <----- No, that isn't actually me, cuz I'm a girl.
I am of Scottish and Irish heritage (according to a late aunt), and a BIG fan of Irish dancing, too. My sister danced with a clogging group which toured the Southeast and appeared at the World's Fair in Knoxville.

Did you have an opportunity to see Riverdance when it toured the US back during the 90's? I did, and it was the most awesome show I have ever seen--bar none. Colin Dunne, Eileen Martin and Maria Pages were the principal dancers.
Awesome! Yep - I have seen Riverdance multiple times since the early/mid 90's. I even saw Michael Flatley in the lead, with Jean Butler, before Colin Dunne took over. I remember Maria Pages well from that show as an amazing Flamenco dancer.
I've seen pretty much every Irish and Scottish trad group perform, here at home, in Ireland, Scotland, and in Canada (where my family is). I've even had the honor to dance with a few of these groups :hapsmile:
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by Tamianth » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:28 pm

I tend to be one who likes helping people. :hapsmile: I spent some 15 years on Koivet operated by Erik Johnson DMV of Atlanta GA. as a moderator with the last 5 as Admin when the Admin retired. I specifically worked the sick fish & ponds forum working with goldfish & koi, but am also qualified for Tropicals and Aquariums as well. I also had hands on teaching from "Doc J", Dr. Miller-Morgan of Oregon, OHSU- & Hatfield Marine Sciences, along with Tricide Neo inventor Vicki Burnley, University of GA., where I learned to scrape & scope, ID the parasites you can't see, administer antibiotic shots (IP & IM) and to preform necropsy.

Like everyone else, I discovered 800 notes in looking up a phone number.. I finally registered and joined as I loved everyone's sense of humor and soon found myself helping folks again. Koivet had gone down by then, our beloved forum tech passed away who had kept the forums going sadly. :cry:

I'm Irish, English & German.. such a great combo for temper huh? :lol: I have a 10,000 gl Koi pond and a smaller lily pond with goldies and Sheb's, two dogs and two cats.. And a very long time Star Trek fan (with a ST Library going on) ! :lol:
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by 1-C » Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:35 pm

Here too!

I'm a combination of Scotch, Irish, English and some Welch with a wee pinch of French. Been a Funny California Resident most of my life but was born in Upstate NY. My Mom was from British Columbia originally.

And although under my avatar it says I'm 60 (at least it did on old Aux), that's just my chronological age :tngraz: , I tend to see myself more like intellectually 50, physically 45, emotionally 35 and well, the part that stays between me and my GF … about 25! LOL

I have several certifications in I.T. stuff (but still not as knowledgeable as our illustrious host/admin. Herman :wink: ), also tend to be a quick learner so I pick up on things quite easily. Been interested in technical related things since back around the mid 70s.

I started out posting and helping other people on one of the eBay discussion boards/forums, as well as dealing with trolls and shills who foolishly would show up boasting about their latest "activity" ... and who always wound up getting thrown off eBay after me and the other regular posters there busted them, did that for about 6 to 7 years before finding 800notes. I found my way there much the same way as everyone else did … by getting sick and tired of all those unwanted telemaggoter (as Mid refers to them as) calls and started posting on the specific number threads until sometime in early 2010 where I started posting regularly on the 800 forum.

But hmmmm … looks like there's two here who's family is or comes from Canada then :hapsmile:
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by MJG » Wed Apr 22, 2015 7:20 pm

I stumbled upon 800notes when I looked up a number that had called us several times - shortly after our daughter was burned by a bottom feeder.
I am a retired teacher (30 years in PA) & am Pennsylvania Dutch. We have twin 11 year old grandchildren (soccer/baseball player boy & girl dancer) and the mini-rugrat girl (dancer) who is almost 5. Our furchild is a rescued dachshund who came from a puppy mill in Missouri & was abused. He was an emotional wreck when we adopted him 5 years ago (he was 9 at the time). It took him over a year to realize he was part of the family. Now he loves the children & they love him.

My hobbies include model railroading, railfanning & photography. My highlight (shameless self- plug) is having some of my photos published in various magazines, books & the newspaper.

MJG are the initials of my "alter ego".
I am, judging from some ages given, probably the oldster of the group. Thanks to all for letting me into the group! I have learned quite bit from you which (hopefully) allows me to help others on 800notes.
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by not Michael » Sat Apr 25, 2015 7:28 pm

First - the surprise. Not Michael is not male. Yep, that dude you've been talking to for the last several years is a gal.

As most of you already know I found 800Notes when I googled a number that was calling me looking for Michael. At 800Notes I learned that the callers were from an automobile finance company. Apparently Michael bought a car he didn't plan to pay for and put a fake phone number on the loan documents. The bill was legitimate but it wasn't mine.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska, where telemarketing was big business before the Do Not Call List law was passed. My husband died long ago, before I got on the internet. I live with my 3 cats. I'm a chemical engineer working in quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. My computer credentials are very weak, but if you need to test a sterilizer I'm the person to call.
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by Elspeth » Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:01 pm

Scots ex-pat, have lived in the US of A for almost 26 years now. I've worked in several fields over the years, including medical, financial, human resources and my fave, independent contractor (at-home transcriptionist). I am now permanently disabled/retired due to several autoimmune disorders. :cry: On the plus side, it means I get to spend time with my DH, my two kitties and enjoy the wildlife that visits regularly (grey foxes, deer, opossums, skunks and wild turkeys). I also love finding/adding more relatives to my Ancestry family tree.

Oh, and like most others, I found 800notes due to several scammy phone calls. It's my go-to place to see who's calling. :)
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Re: Where is Everybody?

Post by Kellie » Fri May 01, 2015 4:25 pm

My real name is not Kellie :), but entirely different name, more exotic.
I am American citizen, but only 17 years in America.
My native country is very close to Italy.
I should speak English much much better, but when you try to learn language later in life, you got...me :headbang:
I still have that foreign accent which I hate but somebody finds adorable :)

I used to be biologist (with degree in Biology and Chemistry) and worked in my old country for 16 years.
Then we moved in Italy for 9 years (Tuscany, south of Italy and north of Italy).
It was not very nice time for me, not knowing Italian, stop working, husband working, children in the school, and me...home.
My husband was (is) an chemical engineer and the best in the world in his field.
He worked for one of biggest World companies.
After Italy, we moved in Hong Kong and lived there couple of years.
After one more move in Italy, we transferred in America (same company).
Today situation, I live alone with one, imported from Europe (saved) stray cat, I have one two year old grandson in South Carolina (and me in Michigan) and other daughter 4 hours drive.
And I am doing art, actually, ceramics (but not pottery), and selling in local Gallery. I am very good in what I do. I won awards.
And I am happy.
As I said somewhere else, every summer I am traveling back to Europe in my native country, for few months, enjoying summer, beach, sun tanning, hiking, relaxing (from what :).
I am not sure if anybody is interested in reading this.

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