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About The 800Auxiliary Private Forum

Post by Herman » Fri Apr 17, 2015 1:20 am

You are currently a guest or newly registered user here at 800aux. You may have been invited by another user or just stumbled in here from a search engine or link.

For those invited by another member, you may be wondering where the private section of this forum is and why you're not part of it yet. Several factors may be contributing to the delay in registering you on the private side.

1. You registered here and assumed you had full access.
Sorry, but the private side of 800auxiliary is by invitation only. That doesn't mean you'll be excluded however. Getting access to the private section requires the users currently there to determine if you are indeed the actual invited person. If so, you may be requested by email (the email address you used when registering here), to post a phrase of keyword on notes to verify your identity. It may sound silly but we've had trouble with a few folks in the past and are just trying to hedge our bets on your authenticity.

2. You are the authorized user and you're still not seeing the private side.
Most likely, admin hasn't bumped you up there yet. It sometimes takes a day or even more to be moved from guest/visitor to private user. Hang in there and if more than 48 hours passes and you're still not promoted, contact admin by clicking on Email/Contact on the dark blue bar just above this post or by clicking here: Contact Admin

3. Okay, I've been invited or found you on notes but I'm still not in. Why?
There may be an issue with authentication of your identity. Contact admin and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

4. Hey, I'm a guest, I have no idea what notes is, nor have I been invited by anyone. Can I still be part of the private group?
Sure! Just start posting here on the forum titled 800aux Open or chat with people. Before long you'll get an invite to the private side or may even just be bumped up there.

5. How do I know if I have access to the private side?
You'll see a whole group of new topics in a box that looks a lot like the forum that you're on now except it'll say Private Forum at the top instead of 800Aux Open. You'll still be able to see the open one as well, you'll now have access to both sides.

We truly do look forward to having you on the private side and our methods to get you there may seem a bit strange. Please, bear with us and in no time at all, you'll gain access there.

Any comments or questions. Please use the link listed above.
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