What are we?

We are constructing our Terms of Service. Suggestions and discussion of the various elements in the TOS are welcome here.
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What are we?

Post by Slim » Thu Apr 16, 2015 12:05 pm

800auxiliary is an old forum, in a new place. We are a group of like minded people that have banded together to fight against scams and criminal debt collectors, and to keep each other and the public informed on ways to educate and to fight back. Our primary focus is on telephone scams, as reported on 800notes.com and similar sites.

If you are a victim of a telephone scam, or have an acquaintance who is a victim; or if you are otherwise interested in detecting or reporting or even preventing such scams, this is the forum for you. If you have posted a question on one of the major telephone scam reporting sites, such as 800notes, and if you could not find the answers to your questions, this is the forum for you.

We are currently developing the Terms of Service (TOS) for the site. At present, membership will be limited to folks in the USA and Canada (because we are more familiar with the laws in those countries than in other countries). Applications for membership and posts WILL be monitored, and violators will be handled appropriately.

Although our intent is serious, we also recognize there may be "funny" aspects to some of the problems. Go ahead and have fun, but stay within the bounds of propriety. Also, please try to stay On Topic, so visitors can find answers to topical questions quickly, without experiencing excessive "noise".

Interested in joining our group? Click Here for more information.
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