ToS - Here they are!!

We are constructing our Terms of Service. Suggestions and discussion of the various elements in the TOS are welcome here.
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ToS - Here they are!!

Post by yef » Mon Jun 08, 2015 3:09 am

1. Civil Behavior: Aux is an all-inclusive forum. Name calling, incitement, unfounded accusations about a member, or "ganging-up" to bolster a particular grudge or agenda will not be tolerated. Not everyone is always going to agree with others' opinions. Members can certainly post opinions that differ but that it must be done in a way that is respectful of members and their viewpoints. Although everyone may not be good friends with everyone else here, we are all equal and deserving of respectful treatment. If disagreements arise with other aux members and you must continue the conversation, you are to take it private messaging and resolve it that way. References, even veiled ones, which are disparaging against other aux members, will not be tolerated. An unsolicited or unwanted comment of a religious nature* unless made within context of a particular post or chat also falls under this category.

2. No Posting of Personal Information: This applies on 800aux’s open forum, and on 800notes. Many of you may recall that this was also discussed on old aux. Basically, what happens at aux (private) stays at aux. Do not post anyone’s personal information in either location – whether that info is about an aux member, or anyone else. This is expanded to include members copying possible vendetta posts containing personal info from 800notes over to aux’s open side.

3. Conspiracies and Threats: Try to keep the conspiracy theories about former aux members to a minimum. All such conversations regarding any member who has been banned or removed from aux (whether temporarily or permanently) will need to be placed in this topic: Rogues Gallery:

4. Topic Drift: A very difficult and hard to follow rule. Nonetheless, topic drift causes relevant, desired information for a particular subject to get lost in other off-topic conversations. To this end, a stricter, more focused concentration will be paid to subject matter that belongs and does NOT belong in a specific category or thread. Although this may be difficult to adhere to, it is advised that when off-topic conversations begin on a particular thread that the conversation be immediately moved to the designated topic area. Place off-topic comments from the open forum here: Use for off-topic comments from the private side. It is STRONGLY ADVISED that the chat box be used when conversations completely devolve into off-topic dialogue. Moderators will move inadvertent off-topic conversations to the prescribed category and thread.

5. Minimal cursing:
We will not be constantly monitoring all threads here, but when we become aware of a possible TOS violation, we will investigate and act accordingly.

6. Penalties:
The penalties for a user violating the TOS will be as follows:

1st violation: Warning
2nd violation: 5 day suspension
3rd violation: Permanent ban from aux. **

Admins and mods reserve the right to make the final determination of what constitutes violation of the TOS. Once any of the above penalties have been applied, no appeals of their decision will be considered.

If you believe someone has violated TOS, it is important for you to report your accusation in a timely manner. You MUST present evidence to back up your allegations or your testimony can only be regarded as hearsay. Evidence can be in the form of a screenshot, forwarded email or by any other mean which would show the violation. Without anything to substantiate your accusation, aux administration will be unable to determine the legitimacy of any claim and therefore have to render your statement unproven even if otherwise true.


* Comments conveying seasonal greetings of a religious nature are exempt from this provision. A violation of this agreement only occurs when religious statements within comments are over-represented or when any member objects to having those statements directed at them.

** A warning or 5-day suspension will be noted for a period of 30-days. If no further action is necessary after the issuance of either penalty, the infraction shall be stricken and the offense(s) will be considered clear. A third offense requiring removal from aux may be appealed after 60-days from the date of the ban. A third offense for bullying or attacking any member however, is exempt from this rule and will not be considered for reinstatement under any circumstances. Bullying is defined in the first two sentences under article 1 “Civil Behavior” in this statement.

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