Tracking Reported Posts on 800notes

This might be a little duplicative of another subforum here ... but it can be used as a place to post "sightings" of a scam ... without posting a defense or solution.
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Tracking Reported Posts on 800notes

Post by Slim » Thu May 07, 2015 2:02 pm

Do you report inappropriate posts made on 800notes?
Do you want to "follow" some posts to see if the offending post gets redstamped or removed, even if you did not report the post?

Usually, browsers allow users to "bookmark" pages, so they can be viewed later. However, 800notes has some interesting coding that prevents this bookmarking (in Firefox, and maybe some other browsers). So, how can one keep track of what happens to an offensive or inappropriate post, if it can't be bookmarked?

1. If you posted in that thread, you can check your 800notes User Control Panel, and try to find your post.
2. Even quicker ... you can still make a "shortcut" on your "desktop"! Here is how (at least for Windows):
2a. Right-click on your desktop, choose "new" select "folder". Name the folder "800notes links" or something similar.
2b. Drag the folder to one of the edges (but not off the edge) of your screen.
2c. When next you see an interesting post, "shrink" the browser window a little, so you can also see the abovementioned folder.
2d. Click and release on the website address, in the address block of your browser. The address should highlight.
2e. Click on the address again, but hold down the mouse button, and drag the address to the folder you created. Release the button.
The web shortcut should now be in the folder. Click on it any time, to revisit the post or thread.
(You can use the same folder for all "dragged" addresses from
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