Spectrum Internet WiFi fees and issues

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Spectrum Internet WiFi fees and issues

Post by DaFox » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:44 pm

Hi all, I happen to be the tech guru among my circles of friends and into their circles of friends and into their circle.... and so on. :rofl:

I have ran into this issue repeatedly and decided to let all here know about it and how to fix.
Friend has home WiFi, but it is slow and keeps kicking them off or the network goes missing, only to pop back up after a few.
They have Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) and Spectrum's modem, but they have their own WiFi Router already set up with the Network ID they have been using. Service techs say there is nothing wrong.
What is actually happening:
Spectrum's modem also has built in WiFi and they are most likely charging the customer up to $6.00 a month to have this option turned on in the modem.
As the modem is sitting right next to the WiFi Router that friend owns and uses and the two different WiFi networks are running on the same frequencies, they are jamming each other.
How to fix:
Call Spectrum and tell them to turn off the WiFi on the modem, disabling the WiFi service, and stop charging the fee for it. The WiFi Router, now no longer being jammed, will start working normally. A better solution is to purchase your own modem to avoid the provider from "activating" and "billing" you for unneeded features in the future.

If you are a Spectrum customer, review your bill and look for charges like:
Spectrum Receiver $5.99 – Charges include: $4.99 for Receiver Rental and $1.00 for Secure Connection.

They normally say that their modems are "free rental", but the modem is actually a all-in-one device with modem, router, WiFi, and Telephony systems built in.
They are basically "scamming" you by charging you $6.00 a month to activate the WiFi feature inside of the modem.
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