"Methods that really work"

There are several call blocker apps, devices or services. Some may be more effective than others. If you wish, post your experiences, comments or comparisons here.
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"Methods that really work"

Post by Slim » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:01 pm

In the hopes that yet another of my threads on 800notes will not be locked by Admin, after a troll attack, I have started:

http://800notes.com/forum/ta-116e894906 ... spam-calls

The first post was a noxious troll, but the next one looked good!
So, I did a little research on (landline) devices that have a challenge-response option that automatically block callers who are not on a whitelist, and cannot meet the challenge.

I found two (but will not post them on Notes, for obvious reasons)

1. Tel-Lynx Guardian (about $200)
Lots of options, many of which one might not use.
The system challenges unknown callers. If they cannot meet the challenge, they are added to the blocklist.
If a friend was challenged, and answers the challenge, they are added to the whitelist.

2. Sentry 3.1 Screener (about $100)
Callers not on the whitelist are asked to "press 0". If they do not ... they are rejected
If they do, they are automatically added to the whitelist.
(This seems to be the one praised by the poster on Notes)

So, if YOU or a friend are looking for an automatic blocker, either of these devices might fill the bill.

I use neither of those devices. Still using PhoneTray free, connected to a spare tablet computer. I DO, however, like the challenge/response features of the abovementioned devices! This prevents even first time spammers from getting through! Yet another answer (that we cannot use) to tell folks "call blocker devices really work".
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