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Re: What is This?

by Herman » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:53 am

Free & Anon (Free and Anonymous) is open to anyone, even non-registered users can post and comments can be made or responded to by all.

It has a 60-day comment removal feature which means posts made there are on a sixty day timer and will automatically be removed by the system upon expiration. Topics also fall into this countdown and any full topic no longer in use or commented on in the allotted time will disappear as well.

(If you are not logged in to aux go here) Free & Anon

To post anonymously while logged in on your registered account, you should:
  • Open a new tab in your browser.
  • Open a second copy of https://800auxiliary.com/ and make sure its not logged in to your account.
  • While unsigned in, go to Free & Anon
  • Select a new topic or choose an existing one.
  • Fill out username, email, subject and answer the captcha question.
  • You may use any username you wish (preferably not an existing member name)
  • The email address which is mandatory can be ANY one you like as long as it has a valid domain.
    For example Freddie@aol.com would be perfectly acceptable but Freddie@hxc048up8.com would not since hxc048up8.com is not a registered website. Using a random email address has no bearing on your post nor will it notify or contact the email address you choose. You're simply designating an email address to post anonymously. These requirements are to thwart bots and trolls from easily flooding the site.
  • Fill in your subject line.
  • Answer the captcha question - also designed to flummox bots and random trolls.
Thats it! Post anonymously here on aux.

What is This?

by Herman » Wed Sep 19, 2018 1:28 pm

This single forum is an experimental subset of the open part of aux. It is 100% open and allows users both registered and unregistered to post completely anonymously. You may say what you wish provided it falls in line with the tos.

It was created per requests to allow a more fair and less moderated sounding board for any all topics that were indiscriminately removed on a forum elsewhere.

Posts made here are anonymous unless you choose to use your registered account. Requests for removal of any posts should go through DM1 or myself.

To post anonymously, do NOT login with your account. Simply go to aux, open the Free n Anon forum and select the new topic you wish to create or existing topic you wish to reply to.

Select a username (any name you wish), provide an email address (anyone you want), list your subject, answer the captcha question and post away.

This new sub forum has no effect on existing user accounts or access permissions.